Your child’s early years are a critical time for brain growth and for their overall development.  That’s why we carefully choose and train our teachers and caregivers to help your child thrive in a safe, healthy and educationally enriching space.

Our Head of Training, Quality & Safety, Joan Orr, holds considerable academic qualifications and has decades of experience in the field of childcare. Joan develops our educational material exclusively for all our Opti-Baby & Kids centres.

  • Babies: We keep our adult to baby ratios low (1:4) so that your baby can develop a secure emotional attachment to their caregiver. It also means our caregivers can give your child the individualised care and attention they need.
  • 1-2 year-olds: 1:5
  • 2-3 year-olds: 1:6
  • 3-5 year-olds: 1 teacher and an assistant depending on the needs of the class

Your baby will enjoy a variety of daily activities suited to their personal needs and abilities. A week’s curriculum includes fine motor activities, large motor and babyrobic exercises, baby massage, looking at books, cognitive activities and sensory activities – all appropriate to your baby’s interests and developmental stage.

At this age, your child faces exciting challenges as they use their rapidly improving motor skills to move about and explore the world with abundant energy and enthusiasm.  This is a time to learn how to get along with others, become independent and rapidly improve his or her language skills.

For this age group, we don’t follow a theme-based curriculum; this is because your young toddler is building their knowledge through playfully exploring his or her environment.  Our curriculum for young toddlers focuses on socio-emotional and language competence, multi-sensory exploration and multiple gross-motor and fine-motor opportunities.

As recommended in the South African National ‘Birth to Four’ curriculum, we follow a weekly theme and play-based programme which covers all early learning developmental areas (wellbeing, identity and belonging, communication, mathematics, creativity and knowledge and understanding of the world).

Our themed activities extend across all developmental domains through art, music, movement, literature, science and maths.   Our balanced, play-based daily programme helps your child develop the gross and fine motor physical skills they need to develop age-appropriate locomotor, stability and manipulative competence.

We encourage your toddler to form positive peer and adult relationships so that they become able to self-regulate and conform to social norms, to be empathetic and respectful to others and to tackle new challenges enthusiastically. Many of our activities help your child to develop the sensory, -perceptual and intellectual skills they need to learn and solve problems.

From chef classes to soccer, ballet, maths and computer lessons to ‘manners for minors’ – each Opti-Baby & Kids day-care centre has its own diverse mix of extracurricular activities.

At eight of our day-care centres, weekly Child Kinetics and Music classes are included in our fees:

Child Kinetics (2–5 year-olds)
Child kinetics is a scientifically-based movement programme focused on your child’s holistic development. The individualised, age-appropriate training encourages psychomotor, physical and neuro-motor development.

Music (babies–5 year-olds)
The music programme is about creating safe, enjoyable and motivating activities which encourage development. It improves perception, discrimination and sensory-motor skills in babies and children. During music time, children experience a sense of belonging as their social skills and communication skills improve.