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Opti-Baby Stimulation Centre is a high quality day-care facility providing top quality day-care services for babies from birth until Five years old. The Opti-Baby Centres also offer parents total peace of mind from both security and developmental aspects.


A facilitator and assisting caregivers care for babies, maintaining a ratio of 1:4
A facilitator and assisting caregivers care for 1 to 2 year olds, giving a ratio of 1:5 caregivers per child.

A facilitator and assisting caregivers, enjoying a ratio of 1:6, look after 2 to 3 year class.
A facilitator assisted by one caregiver look after the 3 year and 4 year classes.

It is this exclusive care together with specially designed stimulation programmes developed by professional therapists and remedial teachers that differentiate Opti-Baby from the norm.

The Opti-Baby facility is fitted with web cameras allowing parents to at any time observe “live” thewelfare of their children via the Internet (password protected for security reasons).

This provides a great deal of comfort and allows closer contact between the parent and the Centre having a positive spin on the parent - child relationship. A further benefit is that parents are able to enjoy watershed moments in the child’s development on a first hand basis while being elsewhere, such as the office.

These priceless moments would otherwise have been lost.


Upon successful and authorised log-on the parent will automatically be routed to the centre where they have been enrolled. The time-out function ensure a minimum window of opportunity for potential perpetrators.


Visits by enrolled parents at any time during the day will be welcome, as Opti-Baby Centres follow an Open-Door Policy.

Visits by prospective parents can only take place via a booking with our educational advisors or the centre management.
Qualified and Trained personnel

Opti-Baby Training Academy provides Baby Care training with our student training program while existing staff receive ongoing training through workshops. We therefore support the development of our facilitators and care givers through the Opti-Baby Academy training programme.

Trained personnel look after the children and formalised educational and stimulation programmes ensure that all children receive the required level of stimulation and care. 


Some of the benefits stemming from this closer relationship are that hygiene factors can more easily be applied(no sharing of bottles and cutlery, staff wash hands before working with a different child etc) and the children enjoy greater attention and stimulation through exclusive programmes and activities. All caregivers go through a selection process and are obliged to strictly follow prescribed and clearly defined hygiene standards.


Furthermore, available instruction is dual medium and children are taught proficiently in both English and Afrikaans.

This alleviates the concerns of parents seeking a care institution offering instruction and development in a particular language medium. 

Parents supply babies’ own formula and extras e.g. veggies/fruit.
Children in the one to three year age groups receive balanced meals prepared by an exclusive Opti-Centre service provider and meals are delivered to the centres.

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Opti-Centres are open from the 2nd Monday in January until the 2nd Friday of December each year, Mondays to Fridays. We close one week in June, and are closed during public holidays as well as the linking Friday or Monday to the public holiday. Parents will receive a year planner to enable them to pro-actively plan for these days.

With the establishment of the Opti-Centres it is envisaged that parents will have peace of mind when leaving their babies at the facility, knowing that their children will receive five star care and the carefully designed programs, will ensure optimum development.