Final FP Bo2

Testimonial : Jurita Mycroft

Ons seuntjie, Kai (2 jaar oud) is in Rosebank in die skool by Yolandi hulle.

Sy en haar hele spannetjie, Farida, Teri, Devine, Edith en Milly veral, (dis nou maar die dames met wat ons tot dus ver meestal in kontak was) is absolutely fantasties!!!!   Ek kan nie genoeg uitroep tekens hier sit nie.  J

ALMAL is altyd bereid om te help om ‘n vragie te antwoord, ag even om net ‘n geselsie te hê.  My man en ek is net SO baie gelukkig met die hele ondervinding en mensies, alles by Rosebank Opti-Baby!!!

Yolandi is rerig ‘n fantastiese mens wat in my oë ‘n wonderlike leier is vir haar skooltjie, en met ‘n goeie leier sal enige iets/plek floreer.  Jou staff is dan gelukkig en dit alles filter deur die hele plek.

So dit reach en affekteer my kind, wat my hart so gerus stel en gelukkig maak.  Want eerlikwaar, ek kan dit sien in Kai, hy is rustig en gelukkig!!


Jurita & Brandon Mycroft

Testimonial : Mandy

Dear Janine & Bedfordview Staff,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your staff - Saturday is a day that will stay with us forever. The concert was absolutely amazing and all of your hard work paid off.  I know you were all exhausted but it never showed, the tireless effort of all your staff showed their unwavering commitment and the enjoyment in what they do, as well as the love they have for the children in their care.

I’m not sure how you all managed to co-ordinate and arrange everything to make it such a huge success, but you exceeded all expectations – it was truly wonderful!

Lastly, I don’t think you get thanked enough for the great job that you do, as a parent we tend to complain more than we give compliments as nothing ever seems good enough for our little ones, so once again, thanks for the smooth running and professional way in which you run the Bedfordview branch, your efforts don’t go unnoticed, and you really have a great team – I hope you appreciate them. J

Kind regards

Mandy (Madison’s mom - Dolphin Class)

Testimonial : Joenita Friedrichs

Dear Equestria Team,

Björn seems really happy at your school. He is singing new songs every week, he is experimenting with the English words he is learning and we must say thank you for Kuffrou Naomi and Juffrou Gege every night when we pray.

Thank you for all the effort that you and your team put into the children. As parents we just stand amazed at what he is learning and we can't tell you how much we appreciate it. 

Have a lovely day,

Joenita Friedrichs

Testimonial : Adele Sutherland

Dear Tracey

I have been meaning to send you an email for a while now but it's just been so crazy busy on my side.

I would like to start off by thanking you for being so amazing with the kids as well as the parents. Although you are extremely busy with the running of the school, which is a major task and which you do exceptionally well, you are also very involved with all the kids. I have never met such a hands on principal who is so actively involved in everything. Over and above this you still make time for the parents and our appreciation cannot be described in a only a few words.

I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know how thankful and appreciative we are of dearest Somi. Besides for her positive and great energy she portraits every day, she is amazing with the kids. It is very comforting for me as a parent knowing that I leave my son in her care every day and I know he is in good hands. I cannot thank her enough for being the person she is and for being so amazing with Cayleb and the others. Her smile brightens up the day and Cayleb has learned so much from her. When he does something e.g counting and I ask him who taught him or showed him he tells me Somi.

I have no doubt in my mind that the parents of her new class in 2015 will be just as happy with her as we are.

I know Opti-Baby is a franchise and I have no doubt that all of the franchises are good, however Opti-Baby Bedfordview (in my opinion) is exceptional and that is thanks to you and your amazing staff.

Best regards

Testimonial : Julie James

Hi Tracey

Yesterday we received Matthew’s report card and I must say we are very proud of our little guy, and how far he has come since joining the Opti-Baby family.

When he joined late last year he was a quiet, reserved little boy who didn’t interact much with other children.  This year he absolutely LOVES school!

We’ve noticed how he has blossomed (at home) and from the report card I can see he is also doing so well at school.

I therefore thought I’d take this opportunity to say a personal thank you to his teachers Grace and Princess.  He absolutely loves them and I am so grateful for all they have done for him – from Grace staying with him at Play Fit until he became more confident (giving him that opportunity to continue with Play Fit) – which he now loves and is always talking about; to the teachers helping with brushing his teeth (something he hated doing but since doing it at school he now enjoys brushing teeth at home); eating all his snacks/lunch (he’s not so good with eating at home so this really is peace of mind knowing he’s having a good meal each day); saying please and thank you and so many other wonderful things.  They’re so good with Matthew and I know it’s thanks to them that he has grown / developed so much these last 6 months.

In today’s hectic lifestyle we forget to say thank you – so I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Grace and Princess for being such wonderful, caring teachers to Matthew.  It’s peace of mind for me knowing he is so happy at school (especially being such a long day for a little one). 

I’m sure you are very proud to have them working for you at Opti-Baby.

Thanks Grace and Princess!

Kind regards


Testimonial : Granny Melani

6 August 2013

Good day Sarah,

I just wanted to say thank you and all the Midrand branch staff members for the care and love that Olwethu is being provided with at Opti-Baby.

Remember on her first day you asked if she is our first baby and we said yes and you were amazed at how calm Themba and I were? We were calm because we knew in our hearts that we are leaving our little Angel in a caring and loving environment, to be honest, we enjoy taking her to school because we know that she is in a safe learning environment filled with love, joy, peace and happiness.

Words cannot express how thankful I am and really appreciate the great work that Midrand Opti-baby is doing and I know that Olwethu enjoys being there (I can see it in her eyes).

Kindly convey my deepest gratitude to the rest of the team !

Kind Regards

Granny Melani

Testimonial : Sherine Vaglietti

Good Morning Tracey,

I trust you are well.  This email is just to commend you and your staff for a really lovely mother’s day tea on Friday, so much effort was put in to making it special for the mom’s who were there, it was very clear that your teachers put in so much time, care and effort with the children, teaching them the songs that each class sang and the activities that were done in the class following the ‘concert’

It was incredibly special and I would like to thank all the staff, especially Sue-Marie (Who I personally saw hanging balloons and making signs)

Charmaine, Our special teacher who made our activity a truly memorable one, she put so much love and care into the day and made the moms feel so welcome and comfortable, she is really a fantastic addition to Opti-Baby.

And of course yourself, Tracey, It is clear to see how much pride you take in your school and how much effort you put in to making the day a success, you made us all very welcome on the day.

Kind regards,

Sherine Vaglietti

Testimonial : Suran Moodley

11 June 2014

Hi Gigi

We are often quick to complain but seldom take the time to recognise excellence.

I would like to congratulate you on having a wonderful team. Martie, Jess, Alicia, Angie and Kenneth etc. are really warm, helpful and fantastic with the kids. A special mention must be made of Gladys, Anita and Rachel though.

Gladys has such a wonderful caring attitude and is so friendly. Anita has had such a positive effect on my daughter. At the beginning of the year she would often cry to go to Anita's class. She is always so happy and positive. And now we are extremely happy with Rachel. She is on the ball with everything and goes the extra mile! And Avara has taken a liking to her very quickly.

Having evaluated some of the other schools in Douglasdale and Bryanston before selecting Optibaby Fourways, I can confidently say you definitely have a wonderful team that create an excellent environment for the children and parents.

Thank you.

Testimonial : Bev Mason

Ek wil vir ieder en elk van julle pragtige mense by Opti-Eldorainge se “BAIE DANKIE dat julle Helly met ope arms terug ontvang het”.  Die laaste maand was maar ‘n hartseer maand vir haar en ONS as mammas weet nie altyd waardeur ons, ons kinders sit deur hulle weg te neem uit hulle omgewing nie.  

Sy was nog altyd ‘n spontane, opgewonde, ekstrovert.  Ek het dit van haar ontneem en dank die Vader tot my sinne gekom. NOU dat sy terug is in haar omgewing is sy weer my klein Helen.   

Daar is niks mooier as ‘n gelukkig kind nie.  

SY wil skool toe gaan. Sy wil opstaan. Sy wil nie huis toe kom nie.  DANKIE OPTI…

Dis vir my so mooi as ek haar by die skool aflaai en sy storm daarin….!!!!! 

Dankie Suzette, julle is die beste baba / kleuter sorg skool in Centurion.  Ek sal geen ander aanbeveel nie.  Ons as mense het ons opinies maar met alles - eerlikheid. “DIE GRAS IS NIE ALTYD GROENER AAN DIE ANDER KANT NIE”. Jy weet nie wat jy het tot jy dit nie meer het nie.  

Om terug te kom… Dankie, my kind was altyd gelukkig by julle.  Sy is nou weer gelukkig by julle.  

DUS, maak dit ons gelukkig.  

Dankie Suzette, Opti, Rene, mammas…. Ons kinders kry die beste en dus is ons hartjies vol liefde. 


Testimonial : Siegfried and Sonja Göldner

We are the parents of Siegie Göldner, who is attending an Opti-Baby center.
He is 25 months old and the first priority in our lives. We believe that Opti-Baby can provide in all his needs.

What is it we want for our child while he is in the care of somebody else:

Love and attention

Safety and security Stimulation for optimal development
Fun and laughter
Nutritious meals

As parents our expectations are high as to the care of our child. After careful consideration of all available options we found Opti-Baby the best to provide in Siegie’s needs. We visited some other pre-school centers before Opti-Baby and could not believe the difference. Our child and us felt at home immediately. It is professional people who are facilitators and people who love the children. Through the Web-enabled cameras we are able to monitor him while he is at the center.

We have close communication with his facilitator as well as the head of the center. We experience the exposure that Siegie gets at the center every day, can see the growth and development in several areas of his life. He loves socialising with his peers, he adores his facilitator and he learned so many things from attending the center. We can leave for work, trusting in Opti-Baby for the care of Siegie. We know that our child is benefiting from his experiences at Opti-Baby and can recommend Opti-Baby to care for your child.

Kind regards

Testimonial: Kapp Family

My eldest son Jarred was one of the first toddlers to start at Opti Midrand when its doors opened the morning of 01 October 2007. Wow was I blown away by Tanya and her team. Being a first time mom and having to put your little bundle of joy in the care of somebody else is the hardest thing ever (like all mommies know). But when I fetched him that first day (took a half day at work), Jarred was calm, happy and yes tired. We have never looked back. When Jarred graduated in 2011 we all cried many tears because we were leaving a family behind. Yes, Tanya, Sarah, Maggie, Connie, Isaac they were our family.

Skip to 2015 and my second son Declan was 8 months old and ready to leave mom at home alone.

There was only one number I called and 5mins later Sarah was getting Declans locker ready. I wanted to wait another week or so, but she said they still open at 6:45am and they will be waiting for him the next morning. So off to Opti went my second son, this time round mom was happy because I knew it’s the best place for my kids. Its home away from home for them.

Having a 7 year gap between my two boys it was like having my first baby all over again.

Thank goodness for Sarah who is forever reminding me when to do what.

Thank you to Opti Midrand for being there for the Kapp family over the last 8 years. What you have taught my sons and still teaching the new one, we are forever grateful. Keep being the awesome family that you are.

Dian Kapp

Testimonial : Paula Mahapa

Dear Sarah and Staff,

We would like thank you greatly for the love, support and foundation you gave to Lerumo over the years. We have no doubt that he has been equipped with the right tools and he is ready for big school. 

I reminded him that Thursday is his last day at Opti baby his response was that he was going to miss you. That really touched me.

We are all going to miss you.  Thank you very much from the bottom of hearts.

Good bye and God bless.  Happy holidays to all of you.
Lots of love,

Raseroka Family. 

Testimonial : Inge

Our secret angels! Thank you for everything you and your staff do for the kids, I leave Peter in your care every day with a peaceful heart.




Testimonial : Yolandie Bezuidenhout

Een van die studente Liza-Marie het in ons en ons tweeling se harte in gekruip, sy is regtig fantasies, baie liefdevol en streng gelyke tyd.

Ek het nou al ‘n paar keer in gelog op webcam en sien hoe sy op haar kniee weg kruipertjie met die kids speel, of net trane afvee. 

‘n  Mens kan sommer die liefde in haar hart vir kinders sien, kan julle asb kyk asof julle haar nie permanent kan aanstel, as ons haar verloor by Opti-Baby Equestria gaan dit n baie hartseer dag wees, en enige ander skool gaan ongelooflik baie gelukkig wees!!



Testimonial : Amor

A mere 10 weeks after Enzo came into our world; I can’t imagine my life without him. So.. Today was very difficult for me.

I would however like to thank your team for making a very emotional day, as bearable as they could.
Each and every one of them sent me home this morning, with compassion and understanding. And when I came to fetch Enzo, again, they did all they could to make me feel better about the whole ordeal. I drove home this afternoon, knowing in my heart of hearts, that we made the right choice to entrust our little guy into your care.
Please convey my deepest gratitude to the rest of the team.

Testimonial : Rialine

 I had too arrange urgent daycare for my baby, as I had to attend training in Gauteng for 2 weeks. (I live in Richards Bay).

Naturally this was a stressfull exercise for me, but the ladies at Opti Baby were extremely friendly and accommodating!

They really made me feel at ease, and it was a pleasure to entrust my baby in their care! Thank you so much to all of you! You ensured me a stress free 2 weeks, where other schools were not even able to take her just for 2 weeks! I would reccommend this preschool to any parent in the Pretoria area.

They are awesome!

Testimonial : Patrecia and Kevin

HI Sarah 

Thank you for the chat earlier, and also sensing my apprehension. As you already know, Kishan has taken ill far too many times over the last 3 months, and we (Kevin and myself) as his parents discussed this at length, and have come to the best solution for now, and that is to remove him from creche until he is a bit older. I have resigned from my company as well for this reason mostly. 

Please note that as of 1 June 2013, Kishan will be at home with me, and we hope to register him again with Opti baby (if we are still able to) when his little immune system has grown stronger.

Optibaby has provided a fantastic service for our child over the past 5 months, with the best care possible, but we need to find a balance. As mentioned to you earlier, half the month of May is already gone, and Kishan has not been able to join the fun class with his buddies and excellent assistants due to his allergies/ailmentsL

We humbly thank you for understanding and hope to maintain the relationship for future commitments.

Testimonial : Manasi

They say 'happy mommy means a happy baby', but I believe in the opposite. As a first time mommy overwhelmingly most of the experiences are a 'first' and choosing the right care facility for your child can range from being daunting to worrying and even frustrating. Much more as a working mother. We moved to SA with our 5 month old baby Miesha and had only screened optibaby for its Internet facility and stimulation focus. Of course this has turned out for the best for our baby and us. Miesha is happy to be at opti and her development is better than expected.  Having experienced two centers of opti, I am confident in its mandate, it's staff and its support structure. The staff is equipped with the right knowledge, promotes a healthy environment and above all is very humane. 

Testimonial : Dize Rosslee

Regarding Opti-Baby and Kids Fourways

Both my daughters Ava-Sitara (4 years old) and Gaia (3 years old) have attended Opti-baby Fourways.

As a mother I have always been extremely happy with leaving my children in the care of the teachers and caregivers at Opti-Baby.

Ava had previously been at another play school and when her class teacher had left the school she had never been able to settle again and would cry everyday I took her to school.

One of the many things I love about opti-baby is that both my children love all the teachers there and are happy to be in the care of any of them, so should their class teacher be sick or away I still leave behind happy children.

Since January this year Ava has been attending the French school (Gaia is still attending Opti-Baby), yet she still loves to visit at Opti Baby. Last year her Teacher was Martie, who is presently away on maternity leave, yet Ava still loves to come in and always runs to say hello to the other teachers, Teacher Cherise in particular, whom she gives plenty of hugs.

The whole atmosphere at Opti- Baby is one of gentle nurturing. When I arrive to collect for half day I often see the teachers of the older classes helping with and holding little ones from the baby room. They do this to give extra love and contact to the babies, which is vital for their development. They do this in their lunch break not because they have to but out of love. I am always so impressed every time I see this.

I have not once, since Ava started in 2011, had any cause for complaint while my children have been at Opti-Baby, to the contrary I am always full of praise for the school and its staff and often tell people how wonderful it is. It means a lot to be able to leave your children somewhere where you have complete peace of mind that they are in the best possible care.

Testimonial : Ronel Botha

Liewe Carina en Personeel 

Ek wil net sê dankie vir die ope arms waarnee julle vir Maia by julle skool ontvang het. Hierdie mamma se hart is nou rustig. Dit is vir my ongelooflik dat sy elke dag met soveel liefde ontvang word, deur elke liewe personeelid aan diens.

Carina dra asb. my boodskap oor aan die personeel. 

Dankie, julle is GREAT GREAT GREAT!


Mamma Ronel 

Testimonial : Tarryn-Lee Basson

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your staff for the great job you all do. I was so pleased to see Zach's first report! It is definitely getting framed. And was really impressed by all his beautiful artworks. It was so difficult for me to send him to school but you all made it so much easier. When I see how happy he is when he gets there it puts my mind at ease. I know he really enjoys it and has developed so much since he started school! Thank you again, you are all very appreciated!

Kindest Regards

Testimonial : Dr Aviva Capelluto

Hi Charmain


Thanks for looking after our boy and loving him.


Have a good day xx


Warm regards


Dr Aviva Capelluto

Testimonial : Tracy Williams

Just wanted to say its such a pleasure walking in and out of your centre as all your staff are so welcoming and always smiling!!
Have great day!
Kind Regards,

Testimonial: Grateful mommy of Sw van der Merwe

I just want to say how grateful i am for the incredibly competent employees you have!

The effort and attention they give my baby gives me peace of mind to go to work everyday, knowing my baby is in very good hands! I went to different schools. 

Did not feel comfortable with any of the schools, and felt that he would not get the best stimulation and care.

As every other mother, i believe my child should get the best stimulation and attention he deserves.
No where could i see any of the above except with Opti-Baby Eldoraigne. The communication is excellent, and the surely keep your concerns at heart. Unfortunately I am one of the moms who keeps my eye on the camera every now and again throughout the day, and not once can i say that i felt uncomfortable with anything I saw.
They do everything with so much care! I am so happy to have my baby being looked after at Opti-Baby Eldoraigne!!!!
To Sonnette and her team in the baby class, I cannot thank you enough for the excellent job you do! You are really the best!!!!


Testimonial : Simon Walsh

Hi Sarah

Thank you so much for the reports.  We really appreciate all that Optibaby does for Daan, including I'm sure many things that go on behind the scenes that we're not even aware of.  It is so valuable to us to have you all to refer to as the baby experts and Daan absolutely loves school.

Kind regards,




Testimonial : Adele Sutherland

Dear Tracey

 I would like to thank you for all your help in the situation we had. You were very understanding, supportive and you sorted the problem out immediately and professionally. I cannot thank you enough for being so wonderful with the kids and running a school cannot be easy and I would like to thank you for the excellent service you have been providing.

Yesterday again I heard another horror story from a colleague and how unhappy some parents are with other nursery schools. It made me realize (again) how fortunate we are to have Cayleb in your school. I know without a doubt in my mind that my child is safe, loved and looked after in the best possible way when he is at school. I am referring unhappy parents to Opti-Baby Bedfordview where I know their kids will be happy like Cayleb.  

I would also like to mention Kate. She is honestly one of the best things that have happened to Cayleb. Words cannot express how grateful we are to her for being so wonderful with our precious boy.

Thank you once again for everything.

Best regards

Testimonial : Sinah Mokotji

Good day Sarah and all the Opti teachers,


Thank you for a wonderful concert which was well-put together. The concert is indeed getting better each year and it is all because of the hard-work, patience and love that all of you at Opti have for your work and with our kids.


It has been wonderful seeing Rebone come out of her shell into a little confident and feisty girl (I still remember those first few months of tears back in 2012) and it is clear to see that she is quite ready for BIG school.


We appreciate all your hard-work and may Opti continue to grow and grow. Looking forward to bringing my second child when he/she does come.


Have a great week ahead.


Thank you so much.

Testimonial : Hemali Juta Pillay

18 June 2013

Leaving one’s child in the care of strangers for several hours a day is often a daunting experience. It means that you have to be absolutely certain of your decision.  In our search for a stimulating and secure environment for our daughter, we had the good fortune of coming across Opti Baby.


Being able to peek into my daughter’s day and have the thrill of seeing her first few moments of crawling and walking to witnessing the nurturing staff encourage her along has been by far the highlight of our time with Optibaby. I was able to go online and capture special moments of her engaging with other children, being involved with music sessions, reading and story time to painting and so much more. Her days at school have a routine and are well structured from play, nap, stimulation and feeding times.


The staff at Opti Baby Rosebank and Morningside have been incredibly nurturing, willing to take feedback and respond to our needs. I wish to commend the staff and particularly the principle, Lizelle for always being so accommodating in ensuring that Rahini is in a loving, caring and stimulating environment where she continues to blossom and thrive.


Kind Regards


Testimonial : Marianna Cidrais

I am the mother of 2, Christiano age 3 and Marco age 9months, and coming from a family that put God, health and education first.

I feel that my children required the very best of early development in order to set them up for their education and life skills going forward.

 My husband and I looked around and after a very disappointing first experience with other schools for our son we came to find Opti-baby Morningside (OBM) and was impressed.

We looked around at a number of schools before deciding which to send our child too.  

We had a number of criteria that we looked for in a school, with our child’s care being the most important thing.  

OBM met most of our expectation at initial review and we are still very happy with the school. 

It is always clean, the staff are always friendly and ready to help but most importantly they give our child all the attention and developmental need he needs.

They make him feel comfortable and wanted, especially on those days he doesn’t want to go to school.  There is also the webcam that I use on days I drop him off and he seems unhappy just to check he is fine and 10/10 times he is very happy by the time I get to me computer. 

Ever since he has been there he has become a confident child, wanting to learn and mingle with other children, whereas he wasn’t before.  He comes home singing these beautiful songs that encourage him to clean, wash his hands and just happy songs that he even teaches me.

OBM do a lots of education activities and also bring along additional people for added activities that assist with development.  My son has learnt so much in the little time he has been there and my husband and I have seen a very big difference from what he learnt at his previous school. 

OBM provides good healthy meals everyday and if there is anything we want them to change they are always willing to accommodate us, which is encouraging.

I would like to just say that from my husband and I, and Christiano as well, a big thank you to all staff for taking care of our precious child, and we will definitely be sending our second child when he reaches the appropriate age. 

Testimonial : Antonia Lazaridis

Just a quick note to say thank you - thanks for making Leo's first week so much easier than I had expected, I leave Leo there with a very happy heart knowing that he is well looked after and taken care of.

I think you have a great team and its great to walk in every morning to the friendly greetings from all the staff - it makes such a difference.  

As it has been a whirlwind of a week please can you send me a list of names of the teachers that look after Leo - I see that on the newsletters you send out, you do list staff birthdays, and I dont want to miss anyones - I also wanted to ask what your policy is with that?

Once again thank you so much for taking such good care of the love of my life :-)